Young Professionals Board

We are happy to announce that we have started a Young Professionals Board to complement our Advisory Board in Baltimore. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to grow our organizational leadership and to support our mission and goals in the community. We have a great group of inspiring young professionals that have joined us for this inaugural year. When asked why they were interested in joining Higher Achievement’s Young Professionals Board, here is what some of them had to say:

“Closing the opportunity gap is pivotal to fostering environments and resources that promote scholastic excellence in order to tap into the brilliance of Baltimore City youth. I look forward to working to uphold the values and mission of the Higher Achievement organization and am eager to partner with fellow thought-provokers, innovators, and influencers who display a similar passion for community engagement and academic enrichment.” –Rasheeda Johnson, Ph.D.

“I was thrilled to see that Higher Achievement is recruiting for a Young Professionals Board. My first job after graduation from the College of William and Mary was as the Program Assistant for Higher Achievement; the organization was an incredible place to start my career both for the professional development opportunities and because I was passionate about the mission”- Emilie Rafal

I truly do believe long term societal issues can be solved by preparing the next generation to solve them, and that can only be done through proper education and support. In a city of families that have generations of kids that do not make it past a certain educational level, it only takes one child in said family to break the cycle”- Aakash Patel

Help us welcome our Young Professionals Board and if you want to join just email us at