For more than 40 years, Higher Achievement has been building up the communities we serve, transforming lives with proven results. When a scholar commits to our program, achievement goes up, disengagement goes down, and one more student takes control of their future.

  • 95 percent of our scholars graduate high school on-time and college-ready
  • 63 percent of our scholars show positive grade impacts
  • Our scholars gain an extra 48 school days in math and 30 school days in reading per year through participating in our program.

Take a look at our results

Higher Achievement has done the research. Through a random-controlled trial study, external researchers compared Higher Achievement scholars with a control group of program-eligible students to evaluate the long-term impact of our unique approach.

Our scholars’ success is proof of what our program can do: participation in Higher Achievement had a statistically significant effect in standardized test scores, certain types of family engagement, and placement in top high schools and avoidance of struggling high schools.

“There is no doubt that Higher Achievement is the most effective after school and summer program in the country.”

Dr. Leigh Linden, University of Texas, Austin