For more than 45 years, Higher Achievement has partnered with scholars, families, and school districts to implement academic and social-emotional programming with proven results. Scholars bring their talent to programming every day and it is our privilege to provide them with navigational capital and encouragement.

  • 95 percent of our scholars graduate high school on time and ready to pursue their post-secondary goals
  • Scholars strengthen their academic talents, with 83% of Higher Achievement scholars maintaining an A or B or improving a letter grade in English Language Arts, and 78% doing so in Math
  • Scholars feel a strong sense of belonging and self-efficacy at Higher Achievement, with 91% of scholars reporting that they feel safe at Higher Achievement, 86% feeling a sense of belonging at Higher Achievement, and 87% having favorable responses regarding self-efficacy

Take a look at our results

Higher Achievement has done the research. Through two random-controlled trial studies, external researchers compared Higher Achievement scholars with a control group of program-eligible students to evaluate the long-term impact of our unique approach. Both studies demonstrate statistically significant effect in academics.

This research places Higher Achievement in a select set of nonprofits.  Only 2% of nonprofit organizations have undergone these expensive and cumbersome RCTs, and of those only 10% have positive results.

2020 Study

Study Briefing from CEO Lynsey Wood Jeffries
Study Executive Summary
Full Study Report

2013 Study

Study Fact Sheet
Study Summary
Full Study Report
Two-Year Study Results
Summer Results

Stories of Impact

Higher Achievement recognizes influential voices in our community—those who have lifted our scholars higher and those who have taught us more about what it means to be in the Higher Achievement family.

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“There is no doubt that Higher Achievement is the most effective after school and summer program in the country.”

Dr. Leigh Linden, University of Texas, Austin