40 Stories

In honor of our anniversary, we have selected 40 exceptional alumni, mentors, donors, staff members, and board members to profile as part of our 40 Stories Project. These scholars and supporters range from famous comedians to successful accountants to award-winning poets to respected lawyers – and everywhere in between.

Meet Howard

“I put in what they put in,” says mentor Howard Johnson, referring to his 401K mentoring plan where he matches his scholars investment in their education, just like companies do for their employees. Howard asks that scholars put their all into advancing their academics and becoming leaders in their community. In return, Howard commits to being a mentor that will go above and beyond in supporting them.

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Proven Results



Graduate high school on time

That is 20% higher than the average graduation rates in our cities.

Randomized trial study

Gains from participation in Higher Achievement equaled 48 extra school days in math and 30 extra school days in reading per year.



Higher Achievement scholars show positive grade impacts.


There is no doubt that Higher Achievement is the most effective after school and summer program in the country.

Dr. Leigh Linden

University of Texas, Austin

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i3 Grantee





In The News

Strengthening SEL Supports for Post-Secondary Success  

Middle school matters! It is a pivotal, at times vulnerable, moment in the college access pipeline – and a time ripe for student support and rich…

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Getting to Know the West End Staff

Our West End Achievement Center has two new staff members! Twila Simmons-Walker, Center Director and Devin Hanley, Volunteer and Scholar Coordinator,…

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The Wonder Years: How the College Pipeline Starts in Middle School 

Over the past two years at Higher Achievement, we’ve been seriously considering how to support our scholars not only as they enter and graduate high…

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Going Back to Higher Achievement

By Adar Howard
Published on July 27, 2018  – One World Education
Twenty-three years ago, my shy pre-teen self was doing everything possible to…

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Preventing Summer Learning Loss: A Look at Brookland’s Summer Academy

Higher Achievement believes talent is everywhere, opportunity is not.  In the summer, many students from under-resourced areas receive no enrichment…

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