Our Richmond Achievement Centers work closely with schools and community partners to provide critical academic and social-emotional tools to help our scholars thrive.

Our scholars are driven and talented. We are committed to providing them with the resources, opportunities, and encouragement they deserve so that they can become the scientists and engineers, poets and journalists, artists and titans of industry that they dream of being.

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Our afterschool program for 6th-8th grade combines academic enrichment, mentoring, and social-emotional support for middle school youth in Richmond.


In 2020, 69% of regularly attending scholars earned an A or B in math

Love Out Loud

Each year scholars have the opportunity to share their voices through original works of poetry at Higher Achievement’s annual Love Out Loud showcase. This year, 8th-grade scholar Davion shared her powerful poem, "We the People."

Alumni Profile: Josh

During his time at Higher Achievement, Josh grew from a shy 6th grader to an 8th grader who was the first to introduce himself to new visitors, and who volunteered to lead Center tours.

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