Our Richmond Achievement Centers work closely with schools and community partners to provide critical academic and social-emotional tools to help our scholars thrive.

Our scholars are driven and talented. We are committed to providing them with the resources, opportunities, and encouragement they deserve so that they can become the scientists and engineers, poets and journalists, artists, and titans of industry that they dream of being.

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Our high-dosage afterschool academic enrichment program combines individualized tutoring, mentoring, and social-emotional support for middle school youth in Richmond.

Due to COVID-19, our physical office and Centers are closed until further notice, but virtual programming continues each week! 


In 2018, RPS had the lowest high school graduation rate in VA at 75%.

The Orchard: a monthly investment to turn potential into reality

We know that talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not. By joining our monthly giving society, you help guarantee that our scholars receive the opportunities that they need to learn, grow, and thrive.

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Mentor Curriculum Sneak Peek: Science Club

Afterschool Academy is right around the corner! Through the Science Club curriculum, mentors will guide scholars through experiments and exploration of food science, neuro sports, and medical mysteries.

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