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Middle school is a time of transition—from new hallways to new expectations—and in the move from elementary to middle school, students typically show a decline in academic achievement.

That’s where Higher Achievement comes in.

Our rigorous program is designed to help your child sharpen their academic skills and build the social-emotional tools to succeed, starting now at this pivotal middle school moment.

Why is Higher Achievement important?

Ninety-five percent of Higher Achievement scholars who complete the program advance to college preparatory high schools. Our supportive program guides scholars in shaping their personal and academic goals and equips them with the tools and encouragement to achieve their ambitions.

If your child attends school in one of our communities, Higher Achievement can provide new learning opportunities, an engaging academic environment, a challenging curriculum, and caring adults to help them succeed.

Is my child eligible to apply?

To be eligible for enrollment in Higher Achievement, a child must:

  • Be willing to commit 400 hours per year for three to four years
  • Attend 5th, 6th, 7th or 8th grade; most new scholars are rising 5th or 6th grade students
  • Live or attend school in one of the Higher Achievement communities

Consideration is not based on standardized test scores and grades. Commitment to our rigorous, multi-year program is the most important factor, and we require participation in all elements of our programming offered at your affiliate.

In the words of our scholars:

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