The Gannon Society

Named after Higher Achievement’s founder Greg Gannon, the Gannon Society closes the opportunity gap for our scholars through sustainable funding. This network of champions enables talented scholars to realize their full potential and achieve success in high school and beyond.

Higher Achievement’s Gannon Society is a community of individuals who believe that talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not. By giving $1,000 or more annually, Gannon Society members are investing in the future of our communities through the young leaders who will shape it.

Member Benefits

  • Invitations to Higher Achievement events
  • Volunteer opportunities for members
  • Exclusive opportunities to connect with our scholars

Join the Gannon Society

Become a member of the Gannon Society at one of the following giving levels:

Platinum: $10,000 for 5 years
Gold: $5,000 for 5 years
Silver: $1,000 for 5 years

Please contact Janice Cori at for more information on how to contribute to Higher Achievement DC Metro as a Gannon Society member.

Gannon Society Members

Spencer Abruzzese
Sarah Al-Shawwaf
Leon and Robyn Andris
Sofia Barretto Thomas
Sameer Bhargava
Cadene and Mitch Brooks
Nicole Butler
MaryEva Candon
Bob Clerman and Vanessa Fong
Chris Courtney
Sally Courtney
Oliver Crandall
Pat Dooher
Lucinda Eng Garcia and Carlos Garcia
Rick England
Eric Gaier
Janae and Bobby Gravitz
Donna M. Grell Ben-Veniste
Alan Grimaldi
Carolyn Harris and Clark Ervin
Holly Hassett
Edward L. Hull
Michael Kagan

Prem Kumar
Andre Lane Jr.
Erik Linn
Ed Meehan
Anna Meyendorff
Mark Michael
Whitney Murray
Barry Nigro and Stacey Sovereign
Alicia O’Brien
Justin Oliver
Diana Peacock
Judith Ramey
Sherry Rhodes and Dan Masur
Gary Roberts
Katherine Roboff
Joseph Saka
Colin Shah
Lance Smith
Evan Tager
Gary Thompson
Miranda Turner
Lynsey Wood Jeffries