The Leadership of BGE

Higher Achievement’s work would not be possible without the crucial support of dedicated funders and partners. We are especially grateful for the generosity of the company that literally powers Baltimore.

This fall, BGE, a longtime partner to and supporter of Higher Achievement in Baltimore, awarded us a three-year, $90,000 grant. BGE’s investment will help scholars go on from Higher Achievement to successes in high school and college This financial vote of confidence in our model from one of the city’s most influential companies helps us to attract the support of other funders.

BGE and Higher Achievement are both proponents of the values of excellence, integrity, and inclusiveness. Dan Gahagan, the company’s general counsel, serves on our Baltimore Advisory Board.


Our scholars have the incredible fortune of having BGE employees like Howard Johnson as mentors. “I grew up in this community,” Johnson told us last year, “and I want my presence to communicate that if I became a successful, contributing member of society, they can also do it.”

BGE also invites scholars to training center field trips, and BGE CEO Calvin Butler served as the Honorary Chair of Higher Achievement’s annual Love Out Loud event in spring 2016.

These funds from BGE will support Higher Achievement in serving Baltimore scholars with Afterschool Academy programming throughout school years 2016-‘17, 2017-‘18, and 2018-‘19.

We invite everyone in the Higher Achievement community to send a tremendous THANKS to BGE for helping to make our mission possible by posting a message on