Middle school is the last,
best chance to get on track to college

How Higher Achievement Works

Higher Achievement believes that you are a talented, smart, and capable student. If you work hard and have the right opportunities, you will succeed. We ask students like you to commit to 650 additional hours each year for four years.

Afterschool Academy

Receive homework coaching, an elective, dinner, and intensive small-group academic mentoring in math, literature, and seminars.

Summer Academy

Take classes in math, literature, science and social studies, plus field trips and college visits.



Identify and successfully transition to your best high school or program, while receiving continued support from staff and mentors.

Our Impact


Graduate high school on time

That is 20% higher than the average graduation rates in our cities.

Our Impact

Meet Lamont

Lamont grew up on 14th Street NW, Washington, DC. “Before Higher Achievement, I had always done well in school, but expectations were pretty low." Lamont remembers. "My Higher Achievement teachers expected me to read, talk and write about what I read, ask questions, be curious."

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Our Locations

Talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not. We envision a world where every student's potential and promise is realized, regardless of their circumstances.


All students have potential. Help Higher Achievement create opportunities to for them to thrive.

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We need one mentor for every scholar we serve. Your commitment is essential to reaching our common goals.

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DeRay Mckesson: from former Center Director to Baltimore Mayoral candidate

For Higher Achievement scholars, DeRay Mckesson’s story has been an inspiration ever since he launched Higher Achievement’s West Baltimore…

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Love Out Loud 2016

Love Out Loud, our literary love poetry performance marks the culmination of months of hard work, and preparation. After study and practice,…

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