Why I Give: Nan and Boyd Clarke

As we approach Giving Tuesday, we are highlighting Richmond donors and volunteers for their commitment to our scholars! Nan and Boyd Clarke first learned of Higher Achievement in 2016 from their neighbor, and Higher Achievement board member, Andrea Archer.

How did you learn about Higher Achievement?

Nan and Boyd: A neighbor friend asked us to a reception for donors and potential donors to hear from representatives of the group and from two young scholars who were part of the program.

What about Higher Achievement caught your attention?

Nan and Boyd: While the adults at the reception were warm and accommodating, it was the scholars and their grandmother who captured our attention. Watching two young men in their early teens address maybe 60 adults who were listening to every word was captivating. Their confidence, and the hope for their future that they exuded stimulated a desire to participate, if only by giving. Yet more impressive was the look on the face of their grandmother who was listening to them as well. Pride may be one of the seven deadly sins, but when it is demonstrated on behalf of two young boys who are facing an uphill slog in our society, it is something quite different- it is a tangible expression of hope.

What motivates you to give to Higher Achievement? 

Nan and Boyd: It is an organization that encourages young people to have hope, when so many other components of our society discourage it.

What impact do you believe your gift is making?

Nan and Boyd: I trust that it is signaling to young people that there is opportunity if they are prepared to seize it.

Help us make a positive impact in the lives of middle school scholars in Richmond. Make your Giving Tuesday gift today!