When You Least Expect It: Green Apple Awards 2017

“And when you least expect it, you are rewarded for the things that you have done.” -Anonymous

On April 27, Higher Achievement celebrated our third annual Green Apple Awards and graduation ceremony in Pittsburgh. We recognized the accomplishments of our 8th grade scholars, and acknowledged the parents, mentors, and community partners that helped along the way.

During the ceremony, Hill District scholars swept the two scholarship awards distributed at the event. Taylor W. won the Maureen Holla Award for $1000, and Jehlani A. won the Jerusalem Church of God in Christ Spirit Award for $250.

Maureen Holla was the fearless, visionary, and tireless leader of Higher Achievement from 1999-2006. With those qualities in mind, the Maureen Holla Award is given to one exceptional 8th grade scholar in each graduating class of each city that Higher Achievement serves.

The Spirit Award is given to an 8th grade scholar who shows “unparalleled commitment to participating in Higher Achievement, overcoming major obstacles to attend center, and who exemplifies a positive and caring spirit toward fellow scholars.”

The look of surprise on Jehlani’s face told the story of the night. Jehlani has managed to stay committed to and consistently attend Higher Achievement over the past four years while still juggling wrestling, football, being in the band at Obama Academy, and maintaining his place on the honor roll. He stayed the course – even on the days that he had to walk miles to get to the Hill District Achievement Center – and it paid off.

‘I can’t believe it.’ –Jehlani A., Hill District Scholar

We are excited about the futures of all of our 8th grade scholars and can’t wait to see what lies ahead for them. Congratulations to the Higher Achievement Class of 2017! Continue to expect the unexpected!

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