We are better together

In this holiday season, I find myself pausing to appreciate the simple joys and connections among strangers: from the shopping mall to the train station. When the divisions in our country are more apparent than ever, it feels important to dwell in our common humanity and celebrate it.

This kinder, gentler approach reminds me of the culture we experience throughout the year at Higher Achievement.

From cheerful greetings to individual academic support, our staff make sure to show our scholars how much they matter. Our mentors and scholars build long-lasting connections, often across differences of age, race, and gender. This inclusive and kind culture opens doors of opportunity for our scholars: from improved grades to top high school placement to leadership skills, which build a stronger community for us all.

For each of you in this resplendent holiday season, I wish great love, kindness, and connection.

In service and peace,

Lynsey Wood Jeffries

Higher Achievement, CEO