Ward 4 Scholar Advocates for Change

Last summer scholars used Voice, one of Higher Achievement’s social justice principles, to create a center-wide magazine about issues and subjects that are important to them. Nahom, a Ward 4 scholar, advocates for allowing fourth graders into Higher Achievement and makes a pretty compelling case!

Dear CEO of Higher Achievement,

I believe that 4th graders should be allowed in Higher Achievement because they are young scholars who can overcome obstacles just like all current accepted children in Higher Achievement. My first compelling argument is that I believe when you are young, you have a lot to learn in life. Many kids have the opportunity to learn more, but they aren’t interested in education. I was like that when I was in 5th grade until I joined Higher Achievement. I began to take my life more serious. Higher Achievement made me more ambitious about learning and more successful in my subjects. If I was able to turn my life around thanks to Higher Achievement, then that shows that anybody, including 4th graders, can do it too.

Secondly, as an 8th grader this would be a great chance to partner up with them and tutor them to become great leaders for the next generation. In addition to having 4th graders, we can expand Higher Achievement’s goal to help scholars by more people joining. In conclusion, 4th graders should come to Higher Achievement because not only does it benefit them, but Higher Achievement as a whole.


Nahom Z.