This is not a sleepover!

Did you know that an estimated 30% of the current college population is made up of first generation college students? This means that many of these students did not have the same understanding of the college process and what to expect as their counterparts.

Higher Achievement recognizes that this is the context that many of our scholars will be entering in their college years. Black students who start bachelor’s degree programs are nearly 25% less likely to finish college than white students. First generation college students have the greatest potential for dropping out. That is why Higher Achievement works to prepare our scholars for this process early – starting in 5th grade!

Every summer, our scholars visit a college or university – an opportunity that they may not ordinarily be able to access. When scholars visit colleges, they have an opportunity to experience college through the eyes of a freshman student. Over their four years with Higher Achievement, each scholar visits at least four different universities. Higher Achievement works with each university partner to design an enriching program experience including, but not limited to, mock classes, campus tours, sessions with Financial Aid Office and Admissions, as well as conversations with first generation college students. After preparing our scholars to attend accelerated high schools or participate in AP level courses we believe that they will be on track to attend college.

Did you know that studies show that by 2020, 65% of jobs nationwide will require a post-secondary degree education? It is essential for our scholars to connect with other students and professors who have similar backgrounds and interests who are thriving in an educational environment. We want scholars to know that they have our full support whether they choose to go to secondary school, trade school, or pursue a completely different path that leads them to success. But they won’t know that until we walk down that path with them. Please help our scholars dream bigger by investing in them today!