The Spirit of Love: Scholar Poets Take the Stage

Love has been in the air for the past few weeks at Higher Achievement. To prepare for this year’s Love Out Loud, staff and mentors at our DC Metro Achievement Centers crafted special activities so scholars could express themselves, and think creatively. Scholars learned about poetry in a variety of ways: some collaborated with high school poets and practiced artists, others wrote letters to themselves to practice self-love, and others learned from staff!

We asked scholars where they draw inspiration for their Love Out Loud poems. Here is what they shared with us:

Kramer LOL“I draw inspiration from my family and friends because they inspire me to do things I didn’t know I could do.” – Airren B. 5th grade

“Most of my poetry ideas come from books. I read most of the time, so I’ll pick up little things, feelings that a person has in the story and use that in my poem.” – Dameon H. 7th grade

“My poem was inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement and a specific case, the Freddie Gray case. When I heard about it and I heard about the trial, I just sat down one night and wrote it.” – Jada E. 7th grade

While Afterschool and Summer Academies challenge scholars to excel academically, events like Love Out Loud encourage scholars to find their voices and gain the self-confidence to speak on matters important and true to them.

This week, scholars showcased their incredible talent and creativity for a panel of judges, their fellow scholars, mentors, and families at their Achievement Centers. On February 24th, two scholars from each center will advance to the city-wide Love Out Loud at the Lansburgh Theatre at 7pm. RSVP to Love Out Loud today at

Can’t come to Love Out Loud? Make sure to check out a recent Washington Post article on our scholars who share thoughts on love and their poems!