Summer Rewind

Summer Academy has come to an end, but what a summer it has been! Whether it was splashing down a waterslide at Settler’s Cabin’s Wave Pool or feeding animals at Round Hill Exhibit Farm, scholars were able to enjoy many different experiences this summer. From Koppers & PwC to Giant Eagle & McKinsey & Co., the scholars also explored many exciting future career paths, including judicial positions at the Allegheny County Courthouse . Let’s not forget the University of Pittsburgh and Allegheny College! Scholars had the opportunity to visit two college campuses during Summer Academy.

In addition to all of the awesome trips Pittsburgh scholars took, they also spent time focused on reading, science, math, and other core subjects in preparation for the upcoming school year. During the last week of July, centers hosted a science fair where scholars got to showcase a project that they worked on throughout the summer. One of the teams from the West End Achievement Center ran a test on different types of water to determine which one was the harshest on human skin. Another highlight of the summer was Olympics of the Mind, where scholars shared their center chants and banners, and tested their knowledge through a friendly competition of strength and wits.

“Research shows that summers without quality learning opportunities hold our nation’s youth back – year after year – in core subjects like math and reading, and in life experiences like college and career exposure. In fact, the math and reading skills low-income students lose each summer are cumulative and contribute significantly to the achievement gap between lower – and higher – income students,” says the National Summer Learning Association.

Higher Achievement continues to combat the opportunity gap by giving scholars the chance to experience the things that they may not have access to in their communities. It is because of our partners that we are able to do so. Closing the achievement gap takes time, energy, and effort. It takes a village. As you can see, our village is strong and our efforts are mighty. Afterschool Academy, here we come!!!

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