Scholars Meet DC’s Attorney General

DC’s Attorney General Brian Schwalb visited our Ward 8 Achievement Center and led an engaging conversation with scholars including discussing examples of when scholars have argued or persuaded others about something they’re passionate about, where scholars feel safe/unsafe in their communities and why, and brainstorming solutions to issues in the community.  

Higher Achievement scholars are often encouraged to speak up as advocates for themselves and their community. During his visit, Attorney General Schwalb shared an opportunity to do just that through the national Do The Write Thing program. Do the Write Thing is a writing program that gives middle school students the chance to speak out about how violence affects their lives and share their ideas about what must be done to stop it. 

Scholars also had the opportunity to ask questions about what it’s like to be Attorney General for the city, what’s the toughest case he’s had, and gun laws in the city. 

We are grateful to Attorney General Brian Schwalb and his staff for providing an incredible opportunity for our scholars!