Scholar to College: Talia’s Experience

1. What did you enjoy most about the college trip?

The college trip was very fun! The part I enjoyed the most was the scavenger hunt we had at the end of the trip where we got to go around the campus and learn different facts about the school. We also got to talk to some Temple students who gave us insight into their lives. We had very funny moments in the dorms, like when we had our group girl talk. I enjoyed learning from our staff members and what it was like for them when they were in college. Another big moment I loved about the trip was spending time with my friends. Higher Achievement is truly like a family and the trip was like living with the people in my community.

2. What did this experience teach you?

My experience at Temple taught me that college isn’t an easy road. It will take a lot of patience to get through it. I realized that everyone’s college experience is different. It’s evident that Temple’s goal is to help all their students achieve. I also learned that time management is key to being successful, you need to know how to manage your time so you can have everything done and have time to yourself.

3. How has this experience influenced your thoughts on going to college?

My college visit to Temple influenced me by helping me realize I don’t need to go far to attend a great school. Temple helped me understand that there are many schools with different standards, and I could stay close to home while attending a school with an amazing medical program. 

4. Why do you think college trips are important?

I think the college trips are valuable because it allows us to get the complete experience of college. It’s a way for us to know the ropes so when we do eventually go to college, we aren’t as frustrated as we would have been if we didn’t have this experience. These trips also provide bonding time with my friends. I have grown up with Higher Achievement scholars from all the centers and I love coming together to go on trips. I hope during the school year we can go on more college trips!