Scholar Spotlight: Wendell

8th-grade scholar Wendell is glad to be back in the classroom and at Higher Achievement after a year and a half of virtual learning and programming. “It was super boring and hard to do work online,” says Wendell. “Now I can actually talk to my friends face-to-face. Just talking to them online isn’t the same.”  

Now that he’s back in person at Higher Achievement, he can return to the personal connections he values so highly. “The staff at Higher Achievement is nice and I can really talk to my teachers here. I also like that I can get my work done and earn rewards for helping other students.” 

Recently, Wendell and his peers worked on a group project where they designed their ideal high school. Throughout the year, scholars work closely with mentors in small groups to explore their options for the future, identify their interests and goals, and practice writing and communication skills—all in preparation for placement in college-preparatory high schools. Wendell works each week with his mentor Ms. Kate to take steps to identify, apply, and enroll in a best-fit high school that will prepare him for post-secondary success.  

Wendell hopes to attend the nearby DC International School where he can keep connections to his friends and take AP classes. “I’m looking forward to bigger classes, getting to know new people, and figuring out what I’m going to do for college,” affirms Wendell. He especially looks forward to classes in his favorite subject, math. “I like when you get a math problem and just know exactly what you need to do to solve it.” 

Outside of school, Wendell enjoys playing video games, reading, drawing, biking, and making instrumental music soundtracks.  

Scholars like Wendell are bright, driven, and eager for what their future holds. It is our privilege to provide them with academic and social support to pursue their biggest dreams.