Scholar Spotlight: Othan

Outside of school when he’s not playing video games or hanging out with his brothers, 7th-grade scholar Othan can be found at Higher Achievement’s Lakeland Achievement Center.

Othan joined the program in 5th grade at the encouragement of his mom and has found a welcoming, supportive environment. “Spending time at Higher Achievement is worth it; we learn a lot of stuff here. Even before 7th grade, I’ve been thinking about getting good grades and having a good future,” says Othan.

Higher Achievement’s educational enrichment gives Othan the opportunity to build on his academic talents and practice concepts learned in school. “One of the things we work on at Higher Achievement is English Language Arts. We read articles and answer questions. It’s helpful because in school you have to write whole essays and it prepares you for those things, and for high school,” says Othan.

Preparation for high school is at the heart of Higher Achievement’s work. In 7th grade, scholars are encouraged to begin naming their interests and goals for the future and identifying target high schools. Othan has already selected his top two high schools: Baltimore City College and Baltimore Polytechnic Institute. “I’ve researched them a little and I’ve heard many good things about them,” says Othan. “I heard the classes are harder at City, but I want to challenge myself.

Othan isn’t waiting for high school to challenge himself. He is continually applying his talent and ambition, and seeing his hard work pay off in the form of good grades. Othan is particularly proud of his academic performance in math. “Even though it’s my favorite subject, it’s really challenging, and it’s an accomplishment to get a good grade.”

While he’s not sure yet what he’d like to pursue after high school, Othan is drawn to science and math. “Math just feels good to me, and I like that science is entertaining. Scientists are always finding out new things. I like learning new information and trying to find something new,” says Othan. No matter what he decides to pursue, Othan has set himself up for success. “I’m trying to try my hardest to get good grades to go to a good school, and I’m proud that I’ve been getting good grades.”