Scholar Spotlight: Juanita

Staff and scholars know Juanita for her shy smile. Although bright and active, she did not often volunteer to share or speak up during programming at Center. Since virtual programming has begun, Higher Achievement staff and scholars have had the opportunity to re-meet Juanita!  

From day one, Juanita attended every scholar homework help armed with assignmentsgoals, and intentions on improving her grades. Soon, her attentive, hardworking, caring, and supportive personality began to shine through. 

Juanita began to open up, shifting from declining to participate in person, to slowly participating via chat on Zoom, to volunteering to be the first to share out. She has shown up and spoken up at every session on academic enrichment, mentoring, and culture building. Through virtual programming, Juanita has found her voice and her role, transforming from one of the shyest scholars at Center to one of the leading scholars virtually. 

We are looking forward to seeing her newfound confidence, voice, and collaborative leadership grow as Juanita enters 7th grade! Your support of scholars like Juanita helps them build the character, confidence, and skills to succeed.