Scholar Spotlight: Jabari

“I like that I get to have fun with my teachers and friends at Higher Achievement,” says 7th-grade scholar Jabari, now in his second year at Higher Achievement’s Ward 8 Achievement Center. At Higher Achievement, Jabari gets to play kickball and basketball, go on field trips, complete his schoolwork, and explore new interests through engaging electives. “I like the drumming elective,” says Jabari. During the elective, scholars learn different drumming beats and techniques from a teacher who was in their high school and college drumming band.  

In addition to electives, Jabari particularly enjoyed a culture study they did at Higher Achievement this year. During the study, scholars researched different countries, designed projects from their research such as cookbooks and travel posters, and ate food from those countries. 

Jabari expanded his horizons outside of Higher Achievement as well. After being approached by his school’s track coach, who invited him to join the team, Jabari decided to sign up. “I never thought I would be doing track,” said Jabari. Now track joins basketball and football as one of his favorite hobbies and one he is interested in potentially pursuing in high school.  

School Without Walls is currently his top choice after doing research at Higher Achievement about different options for high school. Next year as an 8th grader, Jabari and his peers will work alongside their mentors and staff to complete their high school applications and select a school that best fits their interests and aspirations for the future.