Scholar Spotlight: Anggie

Anggie’s family is a source of encouragement and motivation for her in school. “My dad didn’t really like to study in school, but he wants me to learn, and study, and do well in school,” says Anggie. She joined Higher Achievement to help bring to life her and her family’s dreams for her education.  

Anggie’s favorite subject in school is science, and she enjoyed a recent project in which they made paper airplanes and tested their different masses. ELA has been more of a challenge for her, but Higher Achievement has been there to support her.  

“Higher Achievement helps us keep our grades up. It helps me pay attention to my grades and stay focused,” says Anggie. “In 5th grade I had really bad grades, but I’m proud of myself because this year I got straight As for the first time in my life.” 

Right now, Anggie is focused on keeping up with her homework and increasing her second-semester grades so she can get into the high school of her choice. Her current top choices are Baltimore City High School and Green Street Academy. “I’m excited to go to high school,” says Anggie. “My parents want me to go to a good high school. They don’t want me to fail, so I am trying my best to have good grades.” 

Higher Achievement is privileged to be part of the community of support surrounding driven and talented scholars like Anggie as they pursue their goals for the future.