Richmond Green Apple Awards + Graduation

Each year, Higher Achievement celebrates the outstanding accomplishments of our 8th grade scholars at the Green Apple Awards. This year Richmond will be graduating 33 scholars from the Henderson and Boushall Achievement Centers.

We are honored to present the Maureen Holla Award, which is given to one exceptional 8th grade scholar in each graduating class of each city that Higher Achievement serves. It will include a $1000 award for each winner, to support future educational needs and opportunities. Maureen was the fearless, visionary, and tireless leader of Higher Achievement from 1999 – 2006. Her vision for a powerful culture, high expectations for scholars, rigorous 3rd party evaluation, and expansion beyond DC shaped Higher Achievement into the organization it is today. Maureen believed strongly in our social justice mission, and that talent is in every neighborhood. She pushed herself and the team to do whatever it takes to help our scholars shine and access great opportunities.

This year’s Maureen Holla Richmond Award Winner is Ariyah W., from the Henderson Achievement Center. At Green Apples, Ariyah will have a chance to share her reflection and accept her prize.

Join us May 2nd, to celebrate Ariyah and all of the 2017 Higher Achievement 8th grade graduates! RSVP Here!