Original Scholar Writing by Ye P.

To continue our series highlighting scholar writing from this summer, we have another piece to share with you. If you’ve ever wondered what a “day in the life” is like for our scholars at Higher Achievement, you’ll enjoy the following piece brought to us by Ye, a 6th grader at our Ward 1 Achievement Center sponsored by Clark Construction.

A Day in the Life of a Higher Achiever

By: Ye P.

If you are coming to Higher Achievement afterschool, you don’t need to be shy. There are lots of great people. In Higher Achievement, teachers don’t mess around so come prepared. First, we get dinner. At dinner we get food like pizza, sandwich, and snack packs. After that, if we want to, we can go outside to play soccer, basketball, or just anything.

Next, we go upstairs to study hall where we do our homework. The different grades are separated. We also have supplemental which is when someone has 2 or 1 on Math, Reading or Writing. They work on which class they got a 2 or a 1 in. When study hall is done, we get to go outside and most people play soccer but anyone can do whatever they want. I always score!

Last, we have mentoring and we do Math, Reading or seminar. In math, I learned about how to multiply fractions. In Reading, I read pieces about the environment and justice. In Seminar, I had computer lessons. I loved the computer lessons! But I have to admit, my favorite mentoring day was when my mentors and I went to get jumbo slice.

This place is really nice. We have events like the Geo challenge and Love out Loud. Geo challenge is a geography competition. Love out Loud is when people share out poems. Higher Achievement is the best so come now!

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