Original poetry from Ma’Kya S.

What Are We Doing?
Ma’Kya S., Grade 7, Baltimore Scholar

We fight.

We argue,

When all we want to do is fly,

This is Baltimore!

The place where everyone wants to be,

But not anymore.

We used to be known for our new starts,

Our hearts,

And the power within us!

I’m free to be me,

Free to change,

Free to just be!

But in this city we are not all free.

Not from all this police brutality.

Poverty, gangs, murders, and more.

This is not what I thought Baltimore had in store!

When I was young I thought the world was all cupcakes and rainbows.

Fun harbors,


And city lights

But as time move sorrows was a lot more.

People say “Something has to change!”

Then why not change it.

Let’s be the change we want to see.

Let’s set ourselves free.

I am Ma’kya S.!

You will see me in the future doing something!

I will change the world.

How will you?