Onward and Upward – Green Apples 2018

“Behind you, all your memories. Before you, all your dreams. Around you, all who love you. Within you, all you need.” – Unknown

The transition from middle school to high school can often be a challenging one. Leaving behind those who know you best, and embarking on a journey to the unknown. Do not fret, there are many who are rooting for you; confident in your abilities, and excited to see what lies ahead for you.

As a Higher Achievement graduate, you have been equipped with the tools necessary to succeed. When you find yourself in a challenging situation, remember the time that you had to create a hypothesis for your science project and then demonstrate whether you were correct in your thinking. When you find yourself feeling alone, remember your first day at Higher Achievement, and then think about your last. You are sure to make friends along the way. When you are missing your mentors and Higher Achievement family, remember, we are just a call away. We want to see you succeed and will help in whatever way we can.

Onward and upward, scholars.

Congratulations to the Higher Achievement Class of 2018!

Alura A., West End Achievement Center

Michale D., Hill District Achievement Center

Raymond B., Hill District Achievement Center – Jerusalem Church of God in Christ Spirit Award recipient

Samara H., Hill District Achievement Center

Stephon J., Hill District Achievement Center

Aundre C., Homewood Achievement Center

Samari R., Homewood Achievement Center – Maureen Holla Award recipient

While at Higher Achievement, several of our graduates had the opportunity to experience Washington, DC through our partnership with Community Day School. This year, 2 of the graduates and several 7th graders will also travel to DC over the summer, but they need your help getting there. Donate to Bridge 2 DC & Beyond, https://higherachievement.org/bridge2dc/