Higher Achievement Impacts Scholars During the Most Changeable Time in Their Lives.

My name is Mr. Rob. I am a Higher Achievement mentor at Cherry Hill. I have been a mentor for 10 years. I was born and raised in Baltimore and I love this city.

I became a mentor because middle school is a cauldron of emotion, sometimes the students will follow instructions and sometimes they absolutely will not. But they will come out on the other side one way or another. And, when they come out on the other side if they have a supportive community and caring mentor they have a much better chance of coming out successful. Middle school is an amazing time to have an impact on someone, because they are just starting to discover who they are, and you get to witness that.

One of my favorite scholar moments was when a scholar came to me very emotional and angry. I pulled out a piece of paper asked her to write down exactly what was bothering her and instructed her to fold up the paper when she was done. I told her I would hold onto the piece of paper and I vowed not to read it. I told her I would bring it back next week and she could read it and see if it’s still bothering her as much as it is right now. When I returned the next week she read the note and laughed. I still don’t know what she was upset about, but whatever it was, she felt as though it was ridiculous and with the simple perspective of a week, she was able to see that.

Higher Achievement is essential to Baltimore because it has an impact on people during the most changeable time in their life. Providing support in the formative years will lessen the likelihood they will need assistance later on in life. These scholars are bright and driven, and if given the opportunity and pointed in the right direction, they can truly do amazing things.

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