Mentor Spotlight: Ms. Logan

In 2018, Logan White was a recent college graduate working at a consulting firm and looking for ways to get involved in the community. A group from her workplace volunteered weekly at Higher Achievement’s Ward 8 Achievement Center and it seemed like a natural way for her to tap into her desire for service. “When I heard about Higher Achievement’s vision to close the opportunity gap, it struck a chord with me,” says Logan. “Mentors get to help students find their footing and be a resource and a role model.” 

Higher Achievement’s high school readiness curriculum made an impression on Logan. “When I was in school, the content was stale,” she remembers. “The curriculum at Higher Achievement is interesting and more focused on what’s happening in the world, and the role our scholars play in it.” Mentors like Ms. Logan partner with scholars weekly as scholars explore their options for the future, identify their interests and goals, grapple with social justice topics in their community, and practice their writing and communication skills.  

Logan admires her scholars’ desire to learn and enjoys watching their connections and ability to relate to the material grow over time. “Helping them learn and seeing their excitement when they attain and execute new knowledge is powerful,” says Logan.  

It was particularly meaningful for Logan to help her scholars navigate changes and challenges through the pandemic. “I am so proud of their positivity and determination,” says Logan. “There has been so much going on these past few years. But the scholars remain so positive, determined, and excited. I’m proud to make an impact on their lives and learning.”  

Logan is now in her fifth year as a Higher Achievement mentor and continues to guide and learn from her scholars. “My dream is to see our scholars build confidence in themselves and what they can achieve and do. I want them to have hope for their futures and feel like the sky is the limit. 

Mentors like Ms. Logan make a profound difference in the lives of young people. They inspire and challenge scholars as they develop into their best selves and Higher Achievement is grateful for their partnership.