In the Spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King

Over the weekend, I found myself reflecting on the importance of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s work. The call upon his life exalted Dr. King to lead this nation’s Civil Rights Movement (1955 – 1968). His belief was that America had not made good on her promises (as outlined in the Constitution) to African Americans and it was time for change and for her to make good on these promises. He believed that the time had come for the United States of America to treat all races equal and his action plan for achieving this goal included nonviolent boycotts along with peaceful protest and marches. The movement resulted in the passage of key pieces of federal legislation including the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which outlawed racial discrimination in employment, voting, housing, and public accommodations. This era of civil disobedience was tumultuous and cost Dr. King his life. Yet, the legacy of this great visionary still permeates American culture today. Like Dr. King, we must never grow tired of helping others overcome barriers that deny freedom and access to quality of life.

I believe that as Higher Achievement mentors, we are doing the same work with our scholars and keeping Dr. King’s spirit alive. Our “time deposits” help nourish the minds of scholars. They act as fertilizer enhancing the educational development of our scholars; thus affording them greater opportunity for academic success. It is my hope that scholars will reflect back upon their time with Higher Achievement, and think to themselves, “My time with my mentor helped prepare me to be a successful human being.”

– Candace Foster, Homewood Achievement Center Mentor

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