Higher Achievement makes me feel special

My name is Diamilatou. I am a Higher Achievement Scholar.  I am a 10-years-old. I was born in Africa and I moved to Richmond, Virginia when I was 5-years-old. I am the middle child of 5 siblings.

When I grow up I want to have a good life. I dream of being a psychologist, I want to help people.

If I could change one thing about the world, I would end poverty and homelessness. I want to help people in poverty because if you think about their lifestyle in comparison to your life, there’s a big difference. I’m inspired by the people that help.

I daydream about peace and harmony and what the world would be like if there’s no such thing as violence. I dream of it being a peaceful and happy place.

Higher Achievement makes me feel special because I know a lot of people don’t get the privilege to come here. I love all our cheers and chants and the way we support each other. The mentors really get to know us and they leave a big impact on the scholars. Higher Achievement scholars aren’t like everyone else. They are smart, nice, mature, and collaborative. It’s like a big family. I can be myself here, and it feels really good to be different.