Higher Achievement CEO speaking on Department of Education Webinar

Higher Achievement CEO, Lynsey Wood Jeffries will be sharing lessons learned during the i3 webinar on scaling up education innovations!

Learn more about the event with the i3 invitation below, and make sure to join us on March 2nd!

What can the Investing in Innovation (i3) grantees tell us about scaling innovative educational practices?  The newly released white paper “Scaling Up Evidence-Based Practices: Strategies from Investing in Innovation (i3)” captures the experiences of nine grantees whose projects collectively have reached over 1.2 million students across the country. This webinar will discuss some of the key lessons they have learned about expanding the reach and impact of their work, including:

– What strategies are likely to be most successful in recruiting schools/districts to implement new education practices?

– What does it take to get consistent results across diverse sites, while encouraging innovation?

– What role does evidence play in scaling up a practice?

– What conditions are critical to sustaining practices over time?

Join the webinar on Thursday, March 2nd to hear directly from two of the grantees highlighted in the paper, the paper’s lead author, and the i3 team:

– Joel Zarrow, CEO, Children’s Literacy Initiative

– Lynsey Wood Jeffries, CEO, Higher Achievement

– Tom DeWire, EdScale, LLC (part of the Westat i3 technical assistance tea

– Brian Lekander, i3 program officer, Office of Innovation and Improvement, U.S. Department of Education

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