Hands-on STEAM education in DC

STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) reigns supreme when scholars are choosing their seminars. In DC, seminars are a chance for scholars to learn about and participate in hands-on activities focused on science and art. Take a look at some of the amazing seminar opportunities scholars in DC have had this year!

Ward 1 scholars in the Make It Work seminar learn about different aspects of engineering and then compete in challenges that encompass that day’s engineering lesson. For this seminar session, scholars learned about buoyancy and then competed in teams to construct a floating device out of household materials that could hold the most pennies. The winning team’s floating device (pictured above) held 129 pennies!

Kramer scholars in the Swaliga Foundation STEAM seminar participate in hands-on learning focused on music, physics, and engineering. Here, scholars are experimenting with different sound frequencies. At the end of the session, scholars used what they learned to create music online.

Alexandria scholars in the robotics seminar code and construct Lego robots. These scholars are building a robot that is programmed to pick up and move boxes.

Ward 7 scholars in the gardening seminar learn about the science behind growing plants and healthy eating. After learning about the health benefits of aloe, scholars decorated a pot and planted their own aloe plant to take home.

Alexandria scholars in the 3D design seminar use the SketchUp online program to construct 3D architectural designs and structures. During this sessions, scholars designed 3D residential neighborhoods with Mr. Noah.

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