Remembering Oliver Crandall

Oliver Crandall, ardent champion of Higher Achievement, tragically passed away earlier this month. He was 40.

Oliver’s involvement with our mission began 15 years ago, as an Adams Morgan neighbor and friend to Lynsey Wood Jeffries. Oliver quickly expressed interest in our mission and joined Higher Achievement events, volunteered with scholars at our Ward 1 Center, and served on our President’s Council and Going Places event committee. In classic Oliver fashion, he built joyful relationships with lots of people connected to our mission—from staff to donors to scholars to board members. And he brought his networks to us, from RBC and beyond.  One year, Marian Robinson (Michelle Obama’s mother) joined as his guest for our Going Places event.

A testament to the depth of his commitment to our mission, he connected his long-time mentor and boss, Judy Ramey, to Higher Achievement and she has become a generous and passionate supporter of our work. “Oliver’s passion led me to Higher Achievement,” said Judy, “But the organization’s exceptional community results are what have captured my donations. Higher Achievement’s work with at-risk middle school students fills a big need in the community.”

We deeply miss the dynamic, connected Oliver and will be forever grateful for his belief and investment in our mission.