Five Facts About Our Newest DC Metro Achievement Center

DC Metro is opening a new achievement center in Ward 5 at Brookland Middle School, where we look forward to working with approximately 40 new scholars in our first year. Here are five facts about the area and our newest achievement center

1. Brookland is a neighborhood in Ward 5 in the northeast quadrant of Washington, DC with a population of 35,567.

2. Brookland Middle School is in its first year of operation with a focus on the performing arts. Students have access to state-of-the art performance spaces, language resources, a computer lab, a media center, a gymnasium, a fitness center, and an outdoor classroom and garden space.

3. The Brookland neighborhood is known as ‘Little Rome’ because of the high percentage of Catholics and Catholic institutions (Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, Catholic University of America, and others).

4. Because of Brookland MS’ proximity to the Catholic University of America, we have established a partnership with the university to recruit volunteer mentors for our Brookland Achievement Center!

5. The Menkiti Group and Occasions Caterers are sponsoring the Brookland Achievement Center! Occasions Caterers has been a passionate supporter of Higher Achievement for many years, making generous financial contributions, hosting field trips, and coordinating a special mural project with scholars (see a photo below of a Ward 1 scholar, Josue, next to last year’s mural). The Menkiti Group, a real estate services firm, is committed now more than ever to support our scholars and to inspire other Brookland-area businesses to do the same. We are grateful to both sponsors!

Josue Ward 1 Occasions
Interested in getting involved in the Brookland Achievement Center – you can enroll, volunteer, or spread the word today!