DC Scholar Poet Spotlight!

Last week, scholar poets shined at DC Metro’s 12th annual Love Out Loud poetry event. Current scholars and alumni demonstrated all four of Higher Achievement’s social justice principles – voice, justice, freedom, and solidarity – by expressing their feelings of love and determination in their original poetry pieces.  Breh’ana, a 6th grader at the Ward 7 Achievement Center, performed a poem she wrote to honor the love and appreciation she has for her mother, which you can read below.  Breh’ana and her mom have a lot to be proud of.  Breh’ana is an honor student at Kelly Miller Middle School and has already taken on many leadership roles at Higher Achievement and in the school’s Student Government Association.

My Mom

By: Breh’ana R.

My Mom is like sunshine
My Mom is sweet
My Mom is my role model and very unique

My Mom is like my teacher
She teaches me new things.
She teaches me life lessons and many more things

My Mom was there when I wasn’t fair.
My Mom was right even though I tried to fight.
My Mom loves me like I love her.
She always makes sure I’m never hurt.

So thank you Mom for being the best
That is why you are the A on my test.

To become a teaching mentor for scholars like Breh’ana visit Higher Achievement’s volunteer page.