DC Metro Supporter Spotlight: Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo has been a corporate sponsor of Higher Achievement in Baltimore and Richmond but predominantly of the DC Metro affiliate for close to ten years. The company provides funding to a number of organizations, many of which are related to education and specifically early childhood education, but found Higher Achievement attractive because of the emphasis on achieving or maintaining academic success. The support continues because the Wells Fargo team believes in Higher Achievement’s focus on middle school and the rigor of the program.

“I was impressed by a student-led tour. The scholar was confident and could explain the Higher Achievement model. I watched an exercise between mentors and scholars that demonstrated not only the academic rigor of the program but also the strong value set that Higher Achievement helps promote,” said Anna Bard, Community Relations Manager, Wells Fargo.

Ms. Bard and the Wells Fargo team agrees that middle school is a pivotal moment. Not many programs are specifically tailored to meet the needs of students during that critical juncture. In her words, “Higher Achievement helps students put their foot on the pedal, maintain their academic enthusiasm and dedication, and prepare for high school.”

When asked about the importance of Higher Achievement, Ms. Bard said, “The school system can’t do it all alone. I’ve seen lots of out-of-school-time programs, but none are as structured. Higher Achievement measures results, monitors success, and helps scholars meet personal goals. Higher Achievement works with a sense of urgency that the children in our society need.”