DC Metro Supporter Spotlight: Bates White

Higher Achievement is a special endeavor for Bates White. A corporate sponsor of Higher Achievement for almost 15 years, Bates White provides support to the DC Metro affiliate in three ways: strategic and operational assistance, financial support, and in-kind support, including mentors, college visits, office field trips, and more. But, over the years, the partnership between Bates White and Higher Achievement became more meaningful.

“The firm believes in attacking the causes of social injustice, not just the symptoms. We stay involved with Higher Achievement because we see an opportunity to make an impact and change society,” said Eric M. Gaier, Partner, Bates White. “We have great respect for the way the organization is run. They track metrics and measure results. They provide proof that the program is working.”

Each year, Bates White holds a recruitment meeting and as many as 15-20 professionals volunteer to be mentors, investing their time and effort to help scholars. The firm makes it possible for staff members to make this significant commitment. The firm also champions innovative events developed and organized by staff to raise funds for Higher Achievement. These events have ranged from cooking competitions to selling homemade truffles to competing against each other in billiards, table tennis, poker, and other events.

“My wife and I were guest lecturers. We did a presentation on Africa. It was rewarding to see the scholars so engaged. It’s one of the things I really like about Higher Achievement. They weave academic rigor together with interesting ways of learning,” said Mr. Gaier.

Why does Bates White stay involved in Higher Achievement? Mr. Gaier said, “It’s an easy organization to support. Higher Achievement has a great mission, they measure results, and the scholars are impressive.”