DC Mentor Match Challenge

“Students deserve the right to reach their potential.”

No one lives out the truth of Ward 7 mentor Leslie Brown’s words more than you do. Every week you put our organizational belief that opportunities matter into practice. By showing up, staying late, you prove that every scholar has the talent to succeed.

I am writing with an opportunity to amplify this mission to the broader DC community. The Mentor Match Challenge is a fun opportunity to get your friends and family involved in a cause that we know you care about. PLUS, there are great prizes for the winning achievement center — including invitations to the biggest Higher Achievement networking opportunity of the year, our annual Going Places Gala. With more than 400 local and international business leaders in the room it is a prime opportunity to shake a few hands and see our scholars shine.

The best part is that thanks to the generous support of Bates White Economic Consulting every gift made through this campaign up to $10,000, will be matched! 

How it Works:

1. There are fundraising pages for each center. These pages will be posted from April 16th – May 7th.

Alexandria Achievement Center

Brookland Achievement Center

Kramer Achievement Center

Ward 1 Achievement Center

Ward 4 Achievement Center

Ward 6 Achievement Center

Ward 7 Achievement Center

Ward 8 Achievement Center

2. Your Achievement Center Champion will be charged with managing your campaign and working with the DC Metro team to help you all win the grand prize.

3. Donate! Then share your center’s page! The best part about this challenge is that in addition to contributing you can activate your network. You can share the pages on social media, via email, or text. The more people we get involved the better our outcome will be.

Let’s band together for our scholars one more time this year!

Chris Perkins
Senior Manager of Volunteer Management and Development