Creativity STEMs from Exposure…A Day at Koppers

On July 11-12, Higher Achievement scholars toured the Koppers Harmarville Technical Center. Koppers is an integrated global provider of products and services used to enhance and modernize worldwide infrastructure. Most of their products start out as distilled coal tar and transform into a variety of manufactured goods such as roofing, tires, telephone poles, and more.

With six “research” stations to engage in hands-on exploration, the Koppers staff planned a day filled with exciting experiments for our scholars. They made slime using a combination of shaving cream, Borax, baby oil, food coloring, and glitter; ice cream by way of liquid nitrogen; and glow sticks using hydrogen peroxide and fluorescent paint. Scholars spent time exploring a virtual world to see how engineers create plants and factories using technology. After that, they tested the reaction made when you combine Mentos and various sodas. Scholars also used their powers of deduction to identify a “mystery” powder that inflated balloons.

Higher Achievement scholars and staff recognize the commitment made by Koppers – and their amazing staff – to fill two days with creative, experiential learning. Every activity piqued the scholars’ interests and made for a hugely successful career exploration field trip. And of course, the pizza for lunch was a hit!

Thank you to Koppers for such an awesome experience. You have inspired some of our scholars to want to work for your company, as evident by this picture – drawn by a scholar in response to the question, “What do you want to do/be when you grow up?”


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