Bucknell Students Spark Interest in Engineering

Last month, the Engineering Success Alliance (ESA), an academic success program at Bucknell University, spent their spring break in DC teaching Ward 4 scholars all about engineering. The ESA Bucknell staff and students led multiple hands-on workshops that demonstrated different fun and exciting elements of engineering, as well as, helping scholars with their homework during study hall.

Scholars built structures and then tested them to see if they could withstand an earthquake.

Scholars created and got to take home slime.

Bucknell students helped scholars with their homework before constructing a model roller coaster.

Thank you to the Bucknell ESA for providing this amazing opportunity for scholars and for sparking their interest in engineering! If you are interested in hosting a workshop or field trip for scholars in the DC area, please email Margaret Service, Manager of Scholar Programming, at mservice@higherachievement.org.