Beyond the Books

Baltimore Scholars Experience College Beyond the Books

From June 24-26, Higher Achievement Baltimore brought 43 scholars together for two days of learning, but not just in the classroom. We’re excited to show you all we learned this year when we took our college trip Beyond the Books.

Beyond the Books to New Worlds

From internships to extra-curriculars, college is more than just going to class. Our scholars took sessions on preparing for college, financial aid, freshman orientation, and student life for a holistic look at what it takes to not just thrive in the classroom, but to also understand the opportunities available when you commit to college.

Beyond the Books to New Heights

Scholars challenged what they thought they were capable of and pushed themselves to success on the University’s rock wall. From collaborating in field day games to sharing meals in the dining hall to hanging out with scholars from other centers during Social Hour, it’s the connections we make with each other that lift us when we need it.

Beyond the Books to New Goals

The college trip is more than just showing scholars what’s out there: it’s their chance to see themselves on campus and to learn what it takes to get there.

We saw their excitement for their independence, even if they’re nervous about waking up for class on their own. We saw their focus on what it takes to play their favorite sports in college, even if they know there’s work they have to do to make it happen. We saw their vision aimed on the college goal because even in the face of all it takes to get there, they know where they want to be.

And Higher Achievement scholars are capable of anything.

Walk through campus with us! Enjoy our photo gallery below.