Baltimore Supporter Spotlight: BGE

BGE’s corporate commitment to Higher Achievement’s Baltimore affiliate, which began many years ago, is rooted in the company’s focus on education. According to Lynn Kerner, Manager of Corporate Relations, Higher Achievement was an attractive partner because the organization works with middle school students and prioritizes academic rigor.

“What Higher Achievement does for middle school students is remarkable. High school and college are important, but we have to get to students earlier,” said Mr. Kerner. “What stands out to us about Higher Achievement is the program’s rigor. The scholars spend so many hours out of school time. It’s impressive.”

BGE supports Higher Achievement in a number of ways. The company provides financial support, lends leadership expertise, and hosts enrichment opportunities, including a chance to see the Orioles play. BGE also introduces scholars to the company’s utility training program, which offers scholars a look at career paths that might be new to them.

“From a hiring standpoint, BGE faces an aging workforce. Introducing middle school students to careers they might not be familiar with helps open their eyes to the possibilities of careers like overhead lineman, electricians, and undergrown mechanics. It’s important to plan the seed in middle school and help scholars become better contributors to our society so we can all make our community stronger,” said Ms. Kerner.