Higher Achievement has assembled a team of passionate social justice advocates to lead our scholars in becoming life-long learners.

From our dedicated staff to the National Board of Directors to the affiliate Boards of Advisors, the vision we’re working toward wouldn’t be possible without the whole Higher Achievement community.

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Lyla Rossi

Learning Coordinator, Ward 1
DC Metro

As the Learning Coordinator at Ward 1, Lyla communicates and engages with volunteer mentors from our community, matching them with middle schoolers and facilitating curriculum on social-emotional learning, high school placement, and general self-development. Lyla also helps students during our center programming, planning fun enrichment activities, assisting them with their homework, and making sure they know they have a friend in her. The job is a lot of coordination and administrative work, but being face-to-face with scholars and volunteers makes the job so special and motivating!

“I work for Higher Achievement because I have always valued the influence and importance of educational opportunities. I was lucky enough to have so many formative relationships with teachers and peers and other mentors who showed me how to love learning, which I carry with me today. I wish I had gone through school believing in myself and my abilities more, I wish I hadn’t been so hard on myself, and I hope I can pass the lessons I learned through those experiences onto our scholars. “

Marcia Rollins

Learning Coordinator, Ward 7
DC Metro

Erykah Rivera

Learning Coordinator, Ward 6
DC Metro

Alexis Hill

Learning Director, Ward 6
DC Metro

As Learning Coordinator for the Ward 6 Achievement Center, Alexis creates and fosters relationships between youth and our volunteer mentors and support our scholars academically, emotionally, and mentally through the hardships of middle school.

“I work at Higher Achievement because of their mission to close the education opportunity gap by providing knowledge and information.”

Andres Burgos

Learning Coordinator, Ward 4
DC Metro

Bri Wallington Ferguson

Learning Director, Brookland
DC Metro

Brid Freiberg

AmeriCorps Program Support Fellow
DC Metro

Brittany McGhee

AmeriCorps Achievement Fellow, Brookland
DC Metro

Brittany ensures that our 8th graders are placed in schools that best fit their needs. Her goal is to help ease the application process for our scholars, so they can achieve their academic goals in an environment that best suits them.

“I work at Higher Achievement because I want to see every child succeed no matter their circumstances.”

Chavonte Harris

Learning Director, Ward 4
DC Metro

Chavonte is leader of the Ward 4 Achievement Center, she works with school staff, community members, families, and Higher Achievement staff to make the Ward 4 Achievement Center a safe, positive, and effective learning environment where our scholars can grow and realize their potential.

“I work at Higher Achievement because I get to have a strong impact on the academic, social, and emotional development of middle school youth.”

Chris Olszewski

Learning Director, Ward 8
DC Metro

As the Learning Director for our Ward 8 site Chris works with school staff, families, and scholars to make the Ward 8 Achievement Center an intentional learning environment that supports scholars’ academic and social growth.

“I work at Higher Achievement because I get to support students in the pursuit of their lifelong goals.”

Emena Quattlebaum

Learning Coordinator, Ward 8
DC Metro

Emena manages mentoring at the Ward 8 Achievement Center and work with the Ward 8 center staff to create a safe, impactful, and positive learning environment where our scholars can grow and realize their potential.

“I work at Higher Achievement because I enjoy having an impact on the scholars and the city I grew up in!”

James Morgan

Director of Program Operations
DC Metro

James oversees the Ward 8, Ward 1, Greenbelt, Ward 6, and Brookland Achievement Centers, support the implementation of strategic programming, and manage Summer Academy teachers.

“I work at Higher Achievement because I enjoy collaborating with scholars, families, and schools to support scholars’ academic and social growth.”

Johanna Flores

Senior Manager of HR and Operations

Johanna manages field trips, electives, seminars, overnight college trips, center meals, center supplies, and transportation for DC Metro scholars.

“I work at Higher Achievement because it takes an organization like Higher Achievement to create and foster opportunities that will build the future in my community.”

Karrisa Boyd

Learning Coordinator, Brookland
DC Metro

As the Learning Coordinator at Brookland Center, Karrisa ensures that volunteers create a safe and intentional learning space where scholars can achieve their personal and academic goals.

“I work at Higher Achievement because I am passionate about youth development in education. I believe engaging youth socially, emotionally, and academically leads to scholars reaching their greatest potential.” 

Kayla Wilson

Learning Coordinator, Greenbelt
DC Metro

Mike Ruff

Learning Director, Greenbelt
DC Metro

Mike is responsible for the recruitment, supervision, training, and support of volunteer teaching mentors, ensuring that they are able to implement the curriculum and actively engage scholars in learning. As a VSC, he also plans and executes center events, field trips, and other activities to enhance the scholars’ learning experience.

“I work at Higher Achievement because I am passionate about Higher Achievement’s mission, and this is the perfect position that will allow me to continue working with youth in the DMV area so that I can be an ally.”

Nikki Perkins

Learning Coordinator, Alexandria
DC Metro

Nyasha Rusununguko

Director of Program Operations
DC Metro

“I work at Higher Achievement because the mission of Higher Achievement aligns with my personal mission of working directly and advocating on behalf of today’s youth.”

Radiya Buchanan

Learning Director, Ward 7
DC Metro

Radiya works with scholars, their families, and the community to provide opportunities for scholars to thrive.

“I work at Higher Achievement to be a resource for my scholars on their journey to personal success.”

Sean Quinn

AmeriCorps Achievement Fellow, Ward 4
DC Metro

Thalia Washington

Executive Director, External Affairs
DC Metro

As Executive Director, Thalia has operational responsibility for the DC Metro affiliate where ­­­ we serve 550 scholars at eight centers in DC, Alexandria, and Prince George’s County, MD. She engages in senior staff management, stakeholder engagement, fundraising, and organization-wide leadership.

“I work at Higher Achievement because as a first-generation American this mission is personal – the middle to high school transition launched my path to college and it’s an honor to help other young people do the same.”

Tiffany Garcia

Learning Director, Ward 1
DC Metro