A Transformative Experience

When Josh joined the first class of scholars at the Binford Achievement Center, he was quiet and unsure of his academic goals.

Higher Achievement provided the enrichment, structure, and encouragement for Josh to find his voice and work towards defining and achieving his ambitions. 

When Josh was in the 7th grade, representatives from several high schools visited Center to expose scholars to their options for the future. A visit from Cristo Rey immediately sparked Josh’s interest, and he worked closely with his mentor to prepare for the high school placement process. His hard work paid off, and he secured a spot in their Founding Class of 2023.
During his time at Higher Achievement, Josh grew from a shy 6th grader to an 8th grader who was the first to introduce himself to new visitors, and who volunteered to lead Center tours. Josh’s peers recognized his energy and enthusiasm by selected him as the recipient of the Spirit Award for his graduating class

Josh began Cristo Rey in the fall of 2019, flourishing in the small, individualized learning environmentCristo Rey’s unique approach integrates four years of rigorous college preparatory academics with four years of professional work experience through a corporate work-study program.

Josh spent his work-study program with Henrico County, and recently spoke before the Board of Supervisors to share his experience as an intern in the General Services department. The experience helped him decide that he would like to own his own business.

Josh continues to shine and inspire future generations of scholars to achieve their personal and academic goals. Your support of Higher Achievement ensures scholars like Josh have the opportunities to realize their promise and potential. 

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