A Poem by JaQuayzsha P.

Last night, 12 of our scholars performed amazing, original poetry pieces in front of a crowd of family, friends, and supporters. Weeks of preparation came down to one night, and our scholars shined brightly! To see the way that each scholar took so much pride in their poetry and performance was inspiring.

Below, we share a poem with you from one of last night’s poets, JaQuayzsha P., an eighth grader from our Hill District Achievement Center.

My Mind!

My mind
Such an unusual place
Infinite and unexplored
Like the stars in space

In my mind
There’s so much to see
Like flying penguins, talking dogs
The place I go to be free

But even my mind has a dark place
The darkness beyond the stars in space
Where creatures lurk
Trying to get a hold of me

Some darkness fights light
But light always wins
Because through it all
My day might’ve been bad, but it’s not the end.

So even on your worst days
Let the light shine bright
‘Cause it shows path of
Everlasting happiness in your life.

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