A COVID-19 Update from Higher Achievement

Dear Higher Achievement friends,

As schools close and social-distancing advances, I am writing with a message on how Higher Achievement is managing in these uncertain times.

Given that our school districts are closing, we must close our Achievement Centers for at least the next two weeks. We are also closing our offices for at least the next two weeks, and equipping our full-time staff to work remotely and flexibly, while also supporting our part-time staff financially during this time.

Higher Achievement is a special place for deep relationships – which is a protective factor during times of uncertainty and stress. We are offering resources to encourage ongoing connection and continued learning.

Three resources, courtesy of MENTOR, are below.

A resource for adults managing stress related to the virus can be found here.

We are sharing with our scholars and families local resources for meals and other supports, in coordination with our school districts and local governments.

Living through a pandemic is new and unsettling territory. During crisis, we must stay informed, listen closely, communicate what we do and do not know, be decisive, and take care of ourselves and others. For example, some of us may be easily able to afford additional groceries, but others may not. To close that gap, we should choose to donate to the local food bank or share groceries with an elderly neighbor.

During crisis, we have the opportunity to strain or tighten the social fabric of our communities. How we show up now matters.

At Higher Achievement, we choose to show up in solidarity. In solidarity with scholars, mentors, families, and supporters. In solidarity, with those with greatest vulnerability. In solidarity, even as we must distance ourselves physically.

I encourage all of us to be gentle with ourselves, and try to find calm (and safe) connection during this time of uncertainty.

In solidarity,