5 Reasons Why We Loved Summer Academy: In the words of Higher Achievement staff

1. I enjoyed seeing how things came together in a different way for Olympics Of the Mind. The scholars’ level of enthusiasm and participation was higher than we’ve seen in past years, even with logistical hiccups.

2. I most enjoyed the Giant Eagle visit, specifically getting to see the awesome marketing presentations.

3. I loved watching my whole 5B English class dancing to Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror while writing the parts of their argumentative essays on the chalkboards. No one stopped working, but everyone was moving.

4. One thing I loved about Summer Academy was seeing our scholars participate in a wide range of elective activities. Each week was different and whether they were designing their own papier-mâché masks, dancing, or coming up with their own chant and banner, it was just so fun to see our scholars harness their creative energy and turn it into something awesome.

5. We {West End} won chant/banner competition so that was definitely a highlight. *Hair flip*

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