Lyla Rossi

Learning Director, Ward 4
DC Metro

As the Learning Coordinator at Ward 1, Lyla communicates and engages with volunteer mentors from our community, matching them with middle schoolers and facilitating curriculum on social-emotional learning, high school placement, and general self-development. Lyla also helps students during our center programming, planning fun enrichment activities, assisting them with their homework, and making sure they know they have a friend in her. The job is a lot of coordination and administrative work, but being face-to-face with scholars and volunteers makes the job so special and motivating!

“I work for Higher Achievement because I have always valued the influence and importance of educational opportunities. I was lucky enough to have so many formative relationships with teachers and peers and other mentors who showed me how to love learning, which I carry with me today. I wish I had gone through school believing in myself and my abilities more, I wish I hadn’t been so hard on myself, and I hope I can pass the lessons I learned through those experiences onto our scholars. “