If you are thinking about applying to Higher Achievement, you probably have a lot of questions. We’ve asked our scholars to answer the questions we hear most often from students like you. If you aren’t seeing the answers to your questions here, let us know.


In the Words of our Scholars

What is the best part of Higher Achievement?

  • The best part of Higher Achievement is you get extra help and have more fun than you do in school.
  • The best part would have to be the summer field trips.
  • Higher Achievement created a foundation that will help me in high school and in everything.
  • The best part of Higher Achievement is the mentoring sessions that help the scholars learn.
  • The best parts are study hall and elective. I like study hall because you get all of your homework done and you get a nice sense of accomplishment. I like elective because it’s fun to hang out with your friends.

What is the hardest part of Higher Achievement?

  • Mentoring is very hard for me because it adds more work to my day. But it also helps me with my schoolwork, which is a good thing.
  • Doing your homework every day. Sometimes I just don’t want to … but I do it.
  • The hardest part is mentoring because you have to stay for long periods doing work, but I guess it’s good for you to learn.
  • I go home late, but I don’t care as long as I learn above and beyond.
  • The hardest part of Higher Achievement is doing difficult homework in study hall.

Do you ever regret making such a big time commitment?

  • No, because it helps me finish my school work.
  • Not at all. It’s improved my grades a lot. I don’t know what I’ll do when I leave.
  • I don’t regret making a big time commitment such as this one. I would have to learn how to make and keep commitments sooner or later in life. Higher Achievement is good practice … plus, I’m starting early!
  • Sometimes, but it has helped me to mature into the young lady I am today.

Does Higher Achievement make it easier to do your schoolwork?

  • Yes, because you have people helping you.
  • Higher Achievement has disciplined me a little, so my schoolwork is much easier.
  • HA has made it easier for me to complete my schoolwork and homework because I have become more self-disciplined, and I practice unbreakable focus.
  • Yes, because they go over the work, and they keep going until you get it.

What is the biggest change in your life since you started Higher Achievement?

  • I get better grades. I am more confident.
  • I got to meet new friends.
  • Higher Achievement exposed me to things that I probably wouldn’t have done if I wasn’t in this program. I’m thankful for that.
  • My grades are higher. I love school more and working with my friends more.


Throughout this site, we discuss the needs of middle school students, the benefits Higher Achievement provides, and the students we serve. You can read about our rigor, our outstanding mentors, and our many successful scholars.

The facts are compelling. Consider these three points:

  1. In the move from elementary to middle school, students from all socioeconomic groups typically show a decline in academic achievement.
  2. Students in communities served by Higher Achievement are 10 times more likely to drop out of high school than are their peers in more affluent communities.
  3. Yet 95 percent of Higher Achievement scholars who complete the program advance to top academic high schools.

If your child attends school in a Higher Achievement community, Higher Achievement can provide new opportunities to learn, an engaging academic environment, a challenging curriculum, and supportive adults to help him or her succeed.

Equally important, we will be partners with you. In the words of one parent: “Higher Achievement is the perfect liaison between parent, student and the education system.” Another parent adds, “If one arm of this system sees the potential in a student that is not noticed elsewhere, every effort is made to have everyone realize each child’s talent.”

Consider Higher Achievement. Together, we will help your child aim higher, stretch further, and succeed.