Partner Criteria

With guidance from a new strategic plan, Higher Achievement is partnering closely with middle schools for whole school impact. Elements of this new strategy include:

  • Serve a meaningful percentage of students (20-35%) in Higher Achievement’s intensive year-round afterschool and summer program.
  • Meet the unique needs of each school Higher Achievement serves.
  • Impact the whole student body of partner schools through services such as:
    • Homework help
    • High school placement advising
    • Training in youth development, volunteer management, and/or data-driven practice

Interested schools

In our current cities must meet the following criteria:

1.Demonstrated need for Higher Achievement and opportunity to improve, including at least a 75% FARM (Free and Reduced Meal) rate

2.Alignment of leadership and prioritization of the partnership

3.Evaluation of common metrics

4.Sustainability contribution, through in-kind and cash investment

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