Thalia Washington
Executive Director

Tallulah Anderson
Manager of Community Outreach

Nick Breslin
Volunteer and Scholar Coordinator, Ward 4

Kate Brown
Senior Manager of Development

Janice Cori
Director of Development & Engagement

Catherine Cunha
Interim Center Director, Brookland/Ward 7

Johanna Flores
Manager of Programs and Operations

Dimelza Gonzales-Flores
Director of Site Operations

Elyse Harris
Center Director, Ward 7

Chavonte Harris
Volunteer and Scholar Coordinator, Ward 1

Stephanie Holzinger
Center Director, Alexandria

Janelle Hunter
Manager of Fundraising and Events

Rachel Hustedt
Center Director, Brookland

Annabelle Killmer
Center Director, Ward 4

Christie Lerro
Deputy Director

James Morgan
Director of Site Operations

Chris Perkins
Senior Manager of Volunteer Engagement & Development

Damian Popkin
Center Director, Ward 1

Emena Quattlebaum
Volunteer and Scholar Coordinator, Ward 8

Nyasha Rusununguko
Center Director, Ward 8

Sarah Ryan
Volunteer and Scholar Coordinator, Ward 6

Margaret Service
Manager of Scholar Events and Fundraising

Breylon Smith
Center Director, Ward 6

Stephanie Valencia
Volunteer & Scholar Coordinator, Alexandria